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Zooey Celeste - Restless Thoughts LP

Zooey Celeste - Restless Thoughts LP

ATO Records

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ZOOEY CELESTE / RESTLESS THOUGHTS Restless Thoughts, the full-length debut from Zooey Celeste was produced in Brooklyn by Nick Hakim. Centered on Zooey's hypnotic baritone vocals and set against a backdrop of sparse drum-machine beats and droney guitar tones, the album drifts between avant-punk, chamber-pop and lo-fi psychedelia, drawing the listener into a sustained dream state. Colombian-Canadian singer/songwriter Tei Shi (aka Valerie Teicher Barbosa) joins Zooey on "Big Trouble" for a sublime piece of surrealist dance-pop. LP Packaging: Turquoise vinyl.

Tags: ato records, pop, rock

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