Album of the Month Club

Do you like to get stuff in the mail?? We like to send stuff in the mail!

Every month we package up one of our favorite records from that month or the previous month, write up a zine full of reviews & rants and send 'em out! It's a surprise until it shows up!

Month-to-month subscriptions are our most common, you can come and go as you please, but you can also buy 3 month & 6 month subscriptions all at once! If you're looking for any other amount of months, no problem, just email us! Treat yourself or gift someone!

LPs: $20/month for store pickup or $25/month for mailout.
CDs: $18/month for store pickup or $20/month for mailout.




AotMC #15 April 2016: Woods - City Sun Eater In The River Of Light (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #16 May 2016: A Giant Dog - Pile (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #17 June 2016: Imarhan - Imarhan (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #18 July 2016: Jeff Parker - New Breed (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #19 August 2016: Lydia Loveless - Real (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #20 September 2016: Afterschool Special: 123s Of Kid Soul (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #21 October 2016: Danny & The Darleans - Bug Out (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #22 November 2016: Handsome Family - Unseen (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #23 December 2016: Choose Yr Own Adventure (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #24 January 2017: Personal & The Pizzas - s/t (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #25 February 2017: Hand Habits - Wildly Idle (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #26 March 2017: Karriem Riggins - Headnod Suite (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #27 April 2017: Coco Hames - s/t (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #28 May 2017: Wooden Wand - Clipper Ship (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #29 June 2017: ShitKid - Fish (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #30 July 2017: Reese McHenry & The Spider Bags - Bad Girl (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #31 August 2017: The Myrrors - Hasta La Victoria (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #32 September 2017: Kim Gray - Compulsion (+12pg mini-zine)
AotMC #33 October 2017: still a surprise!