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Yawning Man - The Revolt Against Tired Noises LP

Yawning Man - The Revolt Against Tired Noises LP

Heavy Psych Sounds (Italy)

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LP version. The aural experience of Yawning Mansummarizes as an intense yet graceful kaleidoscope of polyphonic musical textures; dramatic and flowing, dark, intense and emotional. 2018 finds the band releasing their most musically exciting recording to date with their sixth full-length album, The Revolt Against Tired Noises on the Italian label, Heavy Psych Sounds. The songs on this release are an emotional and visceral expression of pure melodic darkness and beauty. The album was recorded at Gato Trail Studios in Joshua Tree, CA and produced and engineered by friend and long-time collaborator, Mathias Schneeberger (Mark LaneganGreg DulliSUNN O)))EarthThe Obsessed). The eight songs offered here are the results of a conscious focus on the poetry in melody, finding new sounds and melodic passages that conjure visuals and express emotion and movement. Six of the eight songs are in the instrumental tradition the band is mostly know for; however, two tracks feature the rare appearance of a vocalist (bassist Mario Lalli) alongside Gary Arce's dream-weaving guitar work. One of these tracks of notable mention is the song "Catamaran", a Yawning Man song made popular by the legendary influential desert rock band Kyuss on their 1995 album And the Circus Leaves Town. The song was never released by Yawning Man, however the Kyuss cover of the song proved to be a favorite among Kyuss fans, spreading the word about Yawning Man's unique music. Yawning Man will finally release this classic, properly recorded, for the first time in their 30 years. The Revolt Against Tired Noises is just that, a statement of a unique creative chemistry that's always changing and evolving.

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