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Wristwatch - Wristwatch LP

Wristwatch - Wristwatch LP

No Coast

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***Debut LP from Wisconsin punk band Wristwatch. Original hyper limited LP pressing from FDH Records sold out quickly in preorder. No Coast repress features updated artwork, center labels and jacket...and comes with a download code. Revolver exclusive lavender with white swirl vinyl. Limited to 75 copies. 
"Got a new one from an RSTB fave, Bobby Hussy, today. Hussy’s new group Wristwatch finds its jagged sneer from the very first moments of their eponymous new LP. Screwed leaps onto the speakers with a venous guitar chewing at the brain with no mercy. The bile burn and bone crunch of the track is pushed by the chaotic snap of electronic drums and synths that ride skirt the fray with dark intentions. The song brings to mind the burnt wire bliss of Angry Angles or Mind Spiders, with tethers reaching back to Screamers territory as well. Fans of Bobby’s catalog (The Hussy, Cave Curse, Fire Heads) should be more than satisfied with the burn that Wristwatch is laying down."—Raven Sings The Blues

Tags: garage, no coast, punk

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