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Woods - Songs of Shame LP

Woods - Songs of Shame LP


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The fourth full-length by WOODS, Songs of Shame, veers away from the lo-fi guerillas-in-the-mist sound of their previous Shrimper long-player, At Rear House, and presents both 90-second and ten-minute forays into skeletal psychedelia. The idiosyncratic songwriting style and vocalizing of JEREMY EARL is still present in spades on the album. Woods have toured incessantly as a trio over the last 12 months, and the songs on Shame have had their mettle tested. Check out the straight-ahead pop of "To Clean" or the "Neil Jung" push/pull of "Rain On." Elsewhere, an expansive side of the band hinted at on their Woods Family Creeps LP finds full flight on the subtle ten-minute stretch "September With Pete" (that features Peter Nolan of Magik Markers guesting).

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