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Various - Gilman Street's Ripoff LP

Various - Gilman Street's Ripoff LP

Asian Man Records

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To celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Dookie, a bunch of bands from the 924 GILMAN ST scene have come together to put their twist on these songs.
side A
1.Hotbods - Burnout
2.Grumpster - Having a Blast
3.Little Debbie And The Crusaders - Chump
4.Unpopular Opinion - Longview
5.Neverlyn - Welcome to Paradise
6.Sarchasm -Pulling Teeth
7.Like Roses - Basket Case
side B
8.Pity Party - She
9.Danger Inc. - Sassafras Roots
10.Gnarboots - When I Come Around
11.Get Married - Coming Clean
12.Deseos Primitivos - Emenius Sleepus
13.Corrupted Morals - In The End
14.Rex Means King - FOD
15.Weeny Witch - All By Myself

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