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Ugly Things: Issue 61 Magazine

Ugly Things: Issue 61 Magazine

Ugly Things

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"Our cover story focuses on NYC garage-pop wizards the Magicians ('An Invitation to Cry') and the fascinating twilight world of Greenwich Village in the mid-sixties. Also: The remarkable story of Jefferson Airplane's first bass player Bob Harvey is revealed for the first time, along with the saga of '60s garage heroes the Chancellors (famous for the Back From the Grave fave 'On Tour'). Mark Cunningham of '70s New York no wave renegades Mars is interviewed, David Holzer explores Lou Reed's obsession with the white light mysticism of Alice Bailey, and we unravel the mystery of Phantom's Divine Comedy (rumored at the time to be the recently deceased Jim Morrison in disguise). Plus, Part 2 of the story of Detroit proto-punkers the Dogs, and much more, including our popular review sections, covering all the latest vinyl and CD reissues, and rock 'n' roll-related books."

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