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Ugly Things: Issue 57 Magazine

Ugly Things: Issue 57 Magazine

Ugly Things

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The 50th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death (July 3, 1971) is marked with a cover story on the Doors, including rare photos and unpublished interviews with band members and associates. British ‘60s psychedelic underground heroes Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera are the subject of an epic feature unwrapping their outrageous story in hilarious and hair-raising detail. Also: we turn the spotlight on Swedish R&beat group the Panthers, Dallas soul legend Bobby Patterson, proto-punk cult rocker Kenne Highland, Chicago teen punks the Crees Four, and British beat (and pre-beat) outfit the Roulettes. Lenny Kaye celebrates the music of Sandy Bull, and Phil Milstein investigates the strange universe of Song-Poem music. Also, our celebrated review sections, covering all the latest music reissues and rock ‘n’ roll-related books. (152 pages)

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