The Wire: Issue 452 October 2021 Magazine

The Wire: Issue 452 October 2021 Magazine

The Wire (UK)
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"Faust: As the Bureau B label prepares to issue a box set of the kosmische music legends' foundational early 1970s albums, Daniel Spicer tracks down both current factions of the group and talks to key members Jean-Hervé Péron, Hans Joachim Irmler and Zappi Diermaier. Mary Lou Williams: Alexander Hawkins assesses the legacy of the US jazz pianist and composer whose life and music traversed the swing era and the birth of black avant garde. Black Dice: Marc Masters meets the US noise rock unit as they release their first album in a decade. Invisible Jukebox: Ellen Fullman x Theresa Wong: The drone music duo cue up The Wire's mystery record selection."

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