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The Sueves - Tears of Joy LP

The Sueves - Tears of Joy LP


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"The Sueves (with previous releases on Hozac / Bachelor / Goodbye Boozy Records) are back with our 3rd full length LP, Tears of Joy. Amid the confusion that radiated throughout 2020, we decided to release this album ourselves in order to get our music into the world sooner rather than later. Like our two previous LPs, Change Your Life (2016 - Hozac) and R.I.P. Clearance Event (2018 - Hozac), Tears of Joy was recorded by our longtime friend, Phil Lesicko. Phil and his partner Jessee are in the band, The Funs (Sister Polygon Records). They run a recording studio called Rose Raft in New Douglas, Illinois. Years ago, we set out to make a trilogy of LPs, each inspired by a primary color and each recorded at Rose Raft. Tears of Joy is the missing color and we are excited to finally share it with the world. Tears of Joy was recorded in 2019 over the course of 3 separate sessions. Unlike our first 2 records, which were live takes with minimal overdubs, we spent some time tracking these new songs into more refined sonic stamps. If the colors yellow and black serve to heed warning in the natural world, these songs are meant to spark an optimistic alarm inside those who listen. This is an invitation to join us in rock’n’roll catharsis. Each song is it’s own wrapped candy, but we encourage you to cruise through the record in full to hear what it feels like to cry Tears of Joy." Edition of 300 copies in handscreened jackets. Includes a copy of Magicatalog # 1 zine.

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