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The Silence - Nine Suns, One Morning LP+7"

The Silence - Nine Suns, One Morning LP+7"

Drag City Records

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"Breathe—in through your nose, out through your mouth. Feel the energy passing through your body, from your head, down through your legs to the earth. Turn your heart to the sky—and realize that a new album from The Silence is nigh! Nine Suns, One Morning is the third album from The Silence since their formation in Tokyo in July of 2014. This is an amazing outpouring of music in a very short time! The reason for this is that The Silence transpose ecstatic moments from the rock and roll dreamscape into all-new, living music. Not only is there a lot of music in the ether yet to be realized, but The Silence are very good at this process! Despite the speed with with these albums have been dispatched over the course of just 21 months, each collection is gathered with an expert ear turned to the listening experience. Nine Suns, One Morning is one of the most explosive, far-ranging albums you will hear in 2016. The Silence employ a great variety of instruments with tremendous discipline, always in service of the songs, which share a goal of finding new lines of expression, no matter where the starting point."

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