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The Shivvers - The Shivvers LP

The Shivvers - The Shivvers LP

Rerun Records

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Untouchable power pop from Milwaukee, WI. They only released one 45 during their existence, but it stands up as one of the top tier power pop singles of all time. This collection plays like a long lost album or maybe even a collection of classic, lost 45s. Timeless, perfect pop songs that echo the Raspberries as much as they do Brill Building hits. Almost every number sounds like it could have, should have been a hit single. This reissue is a new and improved version of the collection that Sing Sing released in 2014. The audio as been improved and it's available on CD for the first time. LP includes a 12"x36" double-sided insert with photos and notes, as well as a replica of the original Shivvers bumper sticker.

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