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The Pheromoans - Wyrd Psearch LP

The Pheromoans - Wyrd Psearch LP

Upset! The Rhythm (UK)

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The Pheromoans are tenants of an unruly domain. Over the last 18 years the group have evolved from garage rock primitivists to auteurs of their own curious sound; a frothy brew of loose electronics, refractory rock and humdrum musing. Their songs are mutable, capricious, unreliable narrations, often withholding as much as they reveal. Russell Walker's understated vocal has always been the band's unifying focus, it is wry, unsparing and willfully honest. Walker's lyrics are an observational tour de force, sometimes droll, yet often tipping over into unlikely pathos. With previous releases on Upset The Rhythm, Convulsive, and Alter, The Pheromoans return with lucky album number 13, entitled Wyrd Psearch. It was recorded in Lewes throughout 2023. This was undertaken by founding member James Tranmer, his keen instinct for how the band should sound shaping many of the creative decisions. Joined by new guitarist Henry Holmes, the five-piece doubled down on a decidedly breezy, melodic approach. Scott Reeve's drumming is ever brisk, whilst Daniel Bolger explores AOR peripheries on keyboard and bass. Walker claims that the album's title is an expression of his frustration at the ubiquity of people claiming things are eerie or weird/wyrd in the present cultural milieu. The artwork for the record is designed as an actual word search too, a knowing nod to how everyone grapples for meaning amongst the absurdity of each day. The overriding impression given by Wyrd Psearch is of a band renewed with ideas. There's no trouble finding the right words, they're hitting their mark, keeping up with the commentary. Wyrd Psearch is a document of The Pheromoans mastering their unquiet moment. Limited 180g black vinyl. 500 copies worldwide.

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