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The Molochs - Flowers in the Spring LP

The Molochs - Flowers in the Spring LP

Innovative Leisure

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First, lets meet back up with the Molochsyou remember them, right? Their Americas Velvet Glory was the earliest burst of light and energy to hit in 2017, an album of electrified rock roll like Dylan and Lou Reed by a band named after the Ginsberg-ian glutton god who demanded the sacrifice of all things good and pure. But now its 2018 and Moloch himself is fatter and happier than ever, so the Molochs couldnt just make another record. After Glory showed the world who they were, they needed to make an album that showed what they could do. So Flowers In The Spring is where the Molochs worked harder, thought harder and fought harder to be the kind of band that the times demand.

Americas Velvet Glory, their first-ever record for L.A.s Innovative Leisure label, had sparked their first-ever U.S and European tours, first-ever festival sets, first-ever international press and more. (Top music mag Mojo even said theyd made one of the years best albumsAny year!) Follow-up Flowers bloomed almost exactly a year later at Long Beachs Jazzcats studio between December of 2017 and January of 2018, where founder/vocalist Lucas Fitzsimons and longtime band member Ryan Foster had recorded Glory. By the time theyd returned, they had a slate of songs that had come to Fitzsimons in flash moments, written on nerve-wracking transcontinental flights or on isolated nights in an L.A. apartment, captured at once in bursts of insight or rescued from almost-abandonment in discarded notebooks.

As on Glory, inspiration from Syd Barrett, Dylan, Nikki Sudden and kindred spirit Peter Perrett of the Only Ones was at work, but the Molochs are endlessly (appropriately?) ravenous when it comes to things to read and listen to and learn from. So consider their new Flowers In The Spring a meticulously plotted counterattack against all things Moloch-ian, with clear, concise, immediate, undeniable, simple, direct pop songs.

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