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The Mirrors - Lost 3rd Album LP

The Mirrors - Lost 3rd Album LP

Feeding Tube Records / Cardinal Fuzz

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**First press - only 300 copies made.

The singer and songwriter Greg Ashley has made a name for himself both as a member of notable underground bands The Gris GrisThe Mirrors, and Strate Coats, as well as a solo artist. As a fixture in the underground music scene, his musical abilities span a range of genres including garage punk, psychedelia, and folk. In addition to his own music, he works as a producer and sound engineer, previously running his own Oakland-based studio, Creamery Studio and now rebuilding his home studio in Texas. After high school, Greg Ashley took to perusing the work of the original '60s artists, immersing himself in the Rolling Stones' bluesy early material, the Beatles' midperiod psychedelia, the crazed noise of the 13th Floor Elevators, and the fuzzy surf of the Ventures. Assimilating these influences, Ashley formed a quintet called the Mirrors and released two scruffy, all-over-the-map albums. The Mirrors were Greg Ashley's post-Strate Coats (7" also available on Hook or Crook) and pre Gris-Gris outfit. In 2001 they self-released the A Green Dream LP in an edition of 500. Though hard to imagine in retrospect, in 2001 it was unlike anything else being created at the time, fusing well played, well written freaky psychedelia with groovy ballads, tinny xylophone, feng shui recitations and occasionally a confusion that approaches the Sun City Girls. Pervading it all is an acid-drenched folky psychedelia that would make fellow Texan Roky Erickson proud. This Lost 3rd Album is the missing bridge between The Mirrors and what was to come in The Gris Gris. Includes full size double-sided insert; edition of 300. "There have been hundreds of bands since 2001 that have attempted to sound this good at being high. None have." "You know that old 'This is your brain on drugs' egg-frying commercial? Well, these discs are 10-egg omelets."

"Nobody gave a sh*t about my garage band in Houston, People liked my music out here. I got to meet one of heroes, Russell Quan of the Mummies, and he was a fan of my band." --Greg Ashley

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