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The Golden Boys - Whiskey Flower LP

The Golden Boys - Whiskey Flower LP

Alien Snatch! Records (Germany)

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TERMINAL BOREDOM (US) People keep telling me about this Goodnight Loving band, and singing praise of the new Demons Claws LP - both are fine and dandy (the Claws record at least), but this here's the LP that ain't leaving the turntable anytime soon. Seems a crime that folks don't really mention this band or their country-fried hillbilly & heartache, and that's gotta start changing. The Boys shrank down to a tight three piece and sobered up (well...) to make an even thicker sounding and lysergic-bent epic than before. It makes me wanna cry, how fucking weirdly pretty this is. Not as southern rawk or bombast as past efforts, but just as porch stompin' and soaked in despair (or maybe that's Shiner Beer?). Damned if it don't sound similar to John Lennon's solo output gone Americana at times (you'll know when that hits?), and don't hold it against them. Suits 'em just fine. Horns sprout up, warped tape loops warble along, fiddles and organs roll on out off into a muggy sunset. Its still got some oddball Texas style Butthole-ishness throughout the B-side, so don't think it all went soft. Wish I was lying out in a field of dandelions with this one playing in my head. Permanently. They could fill the Deadly Snakes void in your heart if you let 'em. All this on the prettiest creamsicle swirled vinyl you'll be likely to find outside a Woolworth's lunch counter.Can I talk them into a springtime wedding reception performance? Hope so. Perfection. (RSF)

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