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The Freeks - Crazy World LP

The Freeks - Crazy World LP

Heavy Psych Sounds (Italy)

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LP version. Los Angeles band The Freeks know that as the Earth revolves the Sun and the universe infinitely expands, it must be shared with as many different kinds of life as there are stars, a bold statement coming from a bunch of Freeks. This is not a new concept, however; it is an ever-recurring one dating back to Ezekiel's biblical account, and even further back with evidence from ancient Egypt and Mayan times. After 4000 years, the theory continues strong as we enter 2018. The Freeks also enter 2018 with the completion of Crazy World, their fourth album and second for Italian-based Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Crazy World is a studio record with eight songs that take you on a psychedelic journey from hidden moonlit distilleries all the way up to the mother ship and back down to Mother Earth. It could have happened in 2700 B.C. and it's definitely happening again now as The Freeks continue to ferment their ethanol-infused fuzz rock, their songwriting reflecting heavier content and extra-added amounts of psychoactive chemicals from the minds of their listeners. Ruben Romano (founding member of Fu Manchu and Nebula) returns at the helm supported by Bob Lee on drums (Claw HammerMike Watt), Esteban Chavez on keys, Jonathan Hall on guitar (Backbiter) and introducing the latest Freek on bass, Ray Piller (Biblical Proof of U.F.O.'s). Crazy World also features some amazing musical guests that add to the insanity and continue The Freeks' 'All Are Welcome' legacy. It has ripping guitar leads by Ray Hanson (Thee Hypnotics), added keys and synth from returning Freek alumni Glenn Slater (The Walkabouts and Wellwater Conspiracy), added bass lines by Crazy Worldproducer Rainer Fraenkel (The Miracle Mongers) plus backing vocals by singer/model Sara Loera.

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