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The Exbats - Hits, Kicks and Fits LP

The Exbats - Hits, Kicks and Fits LP

Burger Records

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The Exbats are a band from Bisbee, Arizona; a desolate hippie enclave along the Mexican/U.S. border. The town stretches along a super enormous pit from a mining operation that stopped decades ago. There are a bunch of bars and arty type gift shops in town. No stop lights. No Starbucks. It is from this place The Exbats write their hit songs, for an unsuspecting world. When we (Inez and Kenny McLain, father daughter rockers, with basser Bobby) get a fresh batch, we drive them into Tucson and record them at Midtown Island Studios, with kindred soul Matt Rendon (The Resonars). From there, the finished hits are sent to Fullerton CA for distribution by the Burger Records family. Ultimately these song should transmit a sense of possibility. The possibility of love. The possibility of loss. The unlimited possibility to party on, to follow your own desire. Oh yeah, and ... to FIGHT!

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