The DIrtbombs - We Have You Surrounded LP

The DIrtbombs - We Have You Surrounded LP

In The Red
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The Dirtbombs' fourth full-length is jam-packed with more of their soulful, Detroit-style, fuzztone-fueled garage-punk-pop-rock 'n' roll that has made them a popular favorite with club-goers around the globe. Mick Collins and his merry band of miscreants' twelve slices of sonic thud kick the party into high gear and show off a vast array of unexpected influences. In fact, the opening track has been acknowledged by Collins as his tribute to Mark E. Smith and The Fall.

The Dirtbombs are as known for their tasteful selection of cover tunes as much their stunning originals, and this record carries on the tradition with fantastic takes on songs by comic artist Alan Moore, Portland, Oregon stalwarts Dead Moon, and labelmates Sparks. That said, the originals here are what you really want to write home about. From the Stooge-oid "Ever Lovin' Man" to the finger-poppin' "Indivisible" to the extendo free-form psych jam of "Race To The Bottom" to the Euro-pop of "La Fin Du Monde," The Dirtbombs prove once again they are a rock 'n' roll force to be reckoned with who will have no problem outliving the NME-sponsored hype of their hometown way after ten more trends and haircuts have been built up and torn down.

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