The Body - I’ve Seen All I Need To See LP

The Body - I’ve Seen All I Need To See LP

Thrill Jockey
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Over the course of two decades The Body, Lee Buford and Chip King, have consistently challenged assumptions and defied categorization, redefining what it means to be a heavy band. On I’ve Seen All I Need To See, they test the boundaries of the studio to explore the extremes and microtonality of distortion to find its maximal impact. Their most incisively bleak, a towering monolith of noise, album to date Buford’s booming, resolute drums paired with King’s obliterated guitar and howl. Course, bristling distortion contorts every instrument, with samples of spoken word, cymbals, toms and King’s already noxious tone emerging from layers of feedback.

Tags: + doom + metal + noise + thrill jockey

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