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Telemarket - Ad Nauseam LP

Telemarket - Ad Nauseam LP

Cloud Recordings

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Athens, Georgia's Telemarket emerges with force and finesse on its debut full length, Ad Nauseam, due out August 25th on Elephant 6 label affiliate Cloud Recordings and Science Project Records. The record by turns navigates loops of existential quandary, heartache, and hilarity in a world gone awry. Running at 34 minutes and 34 seconds, this thirteen track odyssey discovers itself through bouts of exuberant feedback and snappy hooks, and ultimately finds resolution surrounded by good friends in its musical home of Athens. Among these friends is John Fernandes of Cloud Recordings, a former member of projects Olivia Tremor Control and Circulatory System and longtime Elephant 6 collaborator, who teamed up with Telemarket to release and distribute the group's LP. Ad Nauseam features artwork from late Georgia artist Patrick Dean, to whom the record is dedicated. Dean's piece 'Welcome to Athens, Y'all' was featured on Athens GA publication Flagpole's cover in August of 1999, and now adjourns the Telemarket cover reflecting the themes of repetition, redundancy, and relief.

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