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Tajak - Ciclos LP

Tajak - Ciclos LP

Buh Records (Peru)

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Tajak is a Mexican trio playing psychedelia, drone and shoegaze, with a powerful and hypnotic sound that has made them one of the revelations of psychedelia emerging in Latin America, leading them to play in various international festivals. Ciclos, the band's third album, represents the maturity of their sound. Ciclos is an effort from the band to represent a path, going through the different facets of being, in a plane that transcends time. The trio chose to experiment with new ways of composing. This album is a trip through the never-ending cycle of life, imbued with their perception and perspective of it. The group's name Tajak is from the Kiliwa's (Baja California ethnic group) dialect that means "skeleton". Tajak were formed in 2014 in Mexico City, although the members come from the Baja California Peninsula. The band is known for their unexpected and long improvisations at their live appearances. Going into their music is like buying a ticket to a new galaxy, where the only sure thing is the unknown.

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