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Syko Friend - Fontanelle LP

Syko Friend - Fontanelle LP

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Syko Friend is the ongoing solo work of Los Angeles based musician andwriter, Sophie Weil. She started Syko Friend while living in Minneapolis in 2012 working solely on a Tascam 244 Porta-studio, it has since transformed into an electricfolk music, thunderstruck guitar, woven together with whispered or howled poetry. Fontanelle is Syko Friend's second LP. She's become known for her live performances and DIY touring, which started in the fall of 2014. Visiting many unconsidered cities, playing on farms, underground clubs, community centers and basements in the U.S. Fontanelle, the soft or undeveloped spots on infants heads this record is open, vulnerable and willing to be cared for, side eye-ing utopia skeptically, while partaking in the commune longing for direct love, communication and free food. It finds itself stepping above the water, getting a breath of fresh air, allowing itself to bloom. Clear and direct vocals continue to be gentle among the expansive dirge of the guitar, reminiscent at times of the noise laden Body/Head or avant garde approach of Les Rallizes, with equal parts lost folk secret Sibylle Baier.

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