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Summer Like the Season - Aggregator LP

Summer Like the Season - Aggregator LP

Earth Libraries

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Outsider rock is no longer an invite-only endeavor with DIY touring art pop band Summer Like The Season. Their sophomore record “Aggregator" is a DM to come hang out on discord servers and twitch streams. Opening with the track “Meet Me On The Internet” this anthem is a welcoming call to summon a court of weirdos and misfits. Genre bending across the spectrum of indie rock to hyper pop, the musical musings of Summer Krinsky are an exploration of this cyborg era. As a LGBTQIA female producer, percussionist and singer, Summer fronts the band from a unique perspective in more ways than just physically behind the drum kit.

Summer is an audio engineer and co-owns Atonuv, a recording studio in Detroit with bandmate Scott Murphy. She composes all of the music, playing piano, bass, guitar, drums, erhu, synths, found sounds, singing bowl, banjo, auxiliary percussion, melodica, kazoo and more on this album. Locking themselves in the studio for many months in a marathon of micro-details, Summer and Scott mixed the record to their exacting standards.

The presentation of the band’s first album “Hum” was a polished product from out of thin air, finding fans in person as they toured from town to town. For this new record Summer’s goal was to allow audiences to witness, engage, and participate in a far more intimate manner. Summer live-streamed slices of the composition process, refining tracks such as “Android Hymn” and “Crosstalk” realtime on twitch.

“Aggregator” is an album about nowness, living in the time of technological revolution, at the intersection of optimism and anxiety. These songs are a balance, a flip of a coin, the outcome of which is yet to be determined.

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