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Strand of Oaks - Miracle Focus LP

Strand of Oaks - Miracle Focus LP

Western Vinyl

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Strand of Oaks returns with a vibrant new chapter, Miracle Focus. This album marks a bold departure from Tim's previous introspective work, embracing a sound that's uplifting, diverse, and deeply personal. Tim spent three years crafting Miracle Focus, a period that saw him explore new creative avenues through painting and acting. This artistic expansion fueled a journey of liberation, and a fresh approach to songwriting. Gone are the days of grappling with trauma, replaced by a desire to "make people feel good." Influences like Ram Dass, yoga, Freddie Mercury, Alice Coltrane, and the Beastie Boys weave through the album, creating a joyful soundscape rich with synth layers and mantra-like lyrics. Miracle Focus is a collaborative effort, with producer Kevin Ratterman (Ray LaMontagne, Heartless Bastards, Joan Shelley) returning as a key partner. Together, they achieved a seamless creative flow in the studio, further invigorated by the presence of Lacey Guthrie on vocals. The album title, Miracle Focus, embodies the collective energy that emerges when individuals come together with purpose and passion. It's a celebration of bliss and the simple beauty of existence. Each song on Miracle Focus offers a unique sonic and lyrical experience: "More You" sets the stage, urging listeners to embrace a spirit of love and letting go. "Communication" invites connection through movement and joyful expression. "Ananda" delves into the sensuality of connection and spiritual practice. "Future Temple" is an uplifting call to build a personal temple of purpose and love. "Party at Monster Lake" welcomes the misfits, celebrating community and acceptance. "Switched On" promotes letting go of the weight of experience and embracing the present moment. "Navigator" encourages meditation and self-discovery. "Ascend You" marks a personal transformation fueled by creative exploration. "Fantasy Wranglers" celebrates the joyful moments that make life special. "Miracle Focus" serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty and wonder of existence. With every listen, Miracle Focus uplifts, inspires, and invites listeners to embrace the miracles within themselves and the world around them. It's a testament to the power of music to connect, heal, and bring joy.

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