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Stove - 's Favorite Friend LP

Stove - 's Favorite Friend LP

Exploding In Sound Records

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Stove 's Favorite Friend is the record Steve Hartlett (Ovlov) has always been waiting to right, his strongest statement as a songwriter after a decade of releases. Joined by Jordyn Blakely (drums, vocals) and frequent collaborators the album chronicles a deep personal loss through fuzzy pop songs and thick harmonies. Stove has been developing their sophomore album since the release of their 2015 debut, Is Stupider and the band's subsequent lo-fo EPs that captured hearts of many throughout the indie rock scene, tested the boundaries Hartlett's best known albums. Their second full length feels like Stove fully realized and proves once again their power to balance the humor, tragedy, and beauty with no shortage of distortion. While Steve Hartlett may have turned down the fuzz just a bit, his songwriting is more endearing than ever, and Stove's long-anticipated album 's Favorite Friend may just be his best work yet.

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