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Ssion - O LP

Ssion - O LP

DERO Arcade (Australia)

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SSION returns his third feature-length audiovisual LP on Australia's DERO Arcade. His most definitive album to date, O draws from a kaleidoscope of pop references to create an auteurist statement on the degradation of entertainment in the 21st century. Confronting a funhouse of personal horrors in the lifecycle of a pop star, O stops at nothing, painting a vivid narrative tapestry of drugs, orgies, mortality, regrets, Marlboro Lights, chewing gum, punk rock, Marc Jacobs, catfights, canines, disco balls, fashion shoots, record deals, sex apps, saxophones, romance, paradise, and pure hell. Described by the artist as DGC pastiche pop, the 13-track record takes cues from the paradigms forged by Frank Zappa, Alice Cooper, Queen, Hole, Madonna, George Michael, and Prince, and poses questions about the demise of the music industry, the transactional/sexual nature of pop, and irrelevance as an escape vehicle to salvation. Recording between Palm Springs and New York, O is produced by CODY CRITCHELOE, NICK WEISS and SAM MEHRAN. The album features an ensemble cast of guest vocalists including ROISIN MURPHY, MNDR, JENNIFER HERREMA, CONTESSA STUTO, MELISSA BURNS, ARIEL PINK, SKY FERREIRA, DEVENDRA BANHART and IAN ISIAH. Musicians on the record include JOHN ANDERSON and Sam Mehran (guitars), MICHAEL CHEEVER (bass) and PATTY SCHEMEL (drums). Limited edition pressing on clear blue vinyl. Packaged in gatefold jackets with full-color insert and pull-out poster.

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