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Spiritual Cramp - Television LP

Spiritual Cramp - Television LP

Deranged Records

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 “After two EPs (React! and Deranged Records) and a self-released demo, comes Spiritual Cramp’s debut 12-inch. Combining Sandinista-esque experimentation with modern alternative rock might be something that scares away the leather and spike crowd but that’s only if you’ve been pretending The Clash didn’t write some of the best rock ‘n’ roll songs the world ever knew. A merging of classic UK punk with some modern aesthetics manage to create a sound that is a welcome American take on classic UK punk. They’re even bold enough to exploit the reggae influence that was moving through bands like the aforementioned [The Clash] and Stiff Little Fingers. This new 12-inch catches you up by repackaging the 7-inches with a set of new tracks including a Sex Pistols and Billy Bragg cover. The influences are worn on their sleeve and brings to mind the kind of bands that would have gotten me into punk in the first place. It’s accessible but still smart and still aggressive. The vocals sound like they’re crooned from a ghost lamenting a wasted life or shouted like Malcolm Owen knew he’d die young. If you were a fan of those Libertines / Dirty Pretty Things albums you’ll find something here to chew on. Likewise, if those Sievehead records were a breath of fresh air for you, this might be the band you’ve been waiting for.” —Joshua Nickel, Neon Waste

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