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Spectral Voice - Sparagmos LP

Spectral Voice - Sparagmos LP

Dark Descent Records

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Vinyl Edition

Spectral Voice’s Sparagmos unfolds as a momentous second full-length offering under the banner of Dark Descent Records, marking the culmination of a period devoted to katabatic immersion into the material. The title itself, alluding to the Dionysian rite of being torn limb from limb, sets the stage for a profound exploration of life, death, and the untamed essence within.

“The content of the album oscillates between lamentation and exaltation. An immersive, morbid atmosphere of funereality longs for the liberation of death and mourns the agony of life. Coupled with moments of frenetic madness, grandeur, terror and ecstasy, the point we are trying to get to is the moment in which—through sacrifice—atavistic wildness is unleashed, and the ultimate exaltation of life through death is realized,” reflects drummer /vocalist E. Wendler.

Influences drawn from the esoteric realms of death, black, doom metal, dark ambient, and arcane literature converge to shape Spectral Voice’s most realized manifestation. Featuring the sonic prowess of M. Kolontyrsky (guitar), P. Riedl (guitar), and J. Barrett (bass)—also of Blood Incantation fame—alongside the drummer / vocalist E. Wendler, Spectral Voice weave a sonic tapestry with a level of excellence that surpasses even their own formidable standards.

Sparagmos unquestionably stands as a definitive death metal highlight of 2024.

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