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Sore Points - Sore Points LP

Sore Points - Sore Points LP

Deranged Records

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“The fastest band on six legs.” This an accurate description of Vancouver’s Sore Points, whose rhythm section was phoenixed from the ashes of Nervous Talk after they decided that the drummer for local post punk act, Spectres, would look good playing guitar. They didn’t care in the slightest that he had barely started playing six strings, because mastering Ramones-esque guitar playing quickly was simple with people of like-minded prowess. It helped that he fit the bill— all members stand over six feet tall. Fashion over function works for most bands but there was something special right from the start with this three-piece. This is punk rock based in it’s classic formation, with a modern edge to it like The Carbonas. Relentless, Rocket To Russia-buzzsaw at an amphetamine pace with shouted, frantic vocals pushed over top of a hurricane distortion. Just enough bent-note leads to compliment the overall package without taking away any of the impact.

The band has opted for cleaner production on this new full length, which succeeds in showing just how tight they’ve become without stripping the grit from their nails or the blood from their pickguards. Twelve songs in twenty minutes is not some exceptional feat for modern punk. But when the songs ring with the same hooks and aggression that made Dangerhouse the best label in America, well then—it’s worth paying attention.

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