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Rural Alberta Advantage - The Rise & Fall LP

Rural Alberta Advantage - The Rise & Fall LP

Saddle Creek

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The Rise & The Fall is the fifth studio album from charged folk-rock trio The Rural Alberta Advantage. It is the first album featuring the return of original band member, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Amy Cole alongside Paul Banwatt (drums) and Nils Edenlo (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard).

“All of our music is rooted in a certain amount of heart and honesty. The songs themselves come from a very earnest place and they are really extensions of who we are. Sometimes we hide those emotions with a lot of noise and sonic energy, while other times we leave them raw and bare. I see our albums more as diary entries, or snapshots in time and this one certainly fits that bill,” says Edenlo.

For the first time, the band focused on writing and recording a few songs at a time, taking their tradition of road-testing new music to a whole new level of real-time collaboration with their fans. Over the past couple of years, some of the new music has been shared in real time in the form of multiple singles (‘CANDU’, ‘Plague Dogs’) and The Rise EP released in 2022. The Rise & The Fall is the first full length album from The Rural Alberta Advantage since 2017.

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