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Riley Downing - Start It Over LP

Riley Downing - Start It Over LP

New West Records

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Riley Downing (The Deslondes) sat down one day and decided he wanted to record a song or two for a simple 45. The Deslondes had been on a hiatus for a while and Downing had the creative itch to record. He had been in contact with his bandmate, John James Toureville and they decided to record a split 7” with a friend.

That recording session felt like a breath of fresh air and the communion of talented musicians produced more songs than expected. Start It Over is the result of that creative effort. Each song was crafted with a different idea in mind. One song might help someone get through a hard time while one song might contribute to a good time. One song might bring up memories of a better time or just get you far enough down the road to start over.

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