Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Generation LP

Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Generation LP

Sire Records
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Standard weight vinyl reissue of the debut Richard Hell album, originally issued by Sire in 1977. "Hell formed the Voidoids, whose unwavering individualism kept the group out of the big time while producing a demanding and impressive corpus of work. 'I was saying let me out of here before I was even born.' That lyric sums up Hell's attitude, which he expanded and perfected on Blank Generation with a new version of the title track and such powerful statements as 'Love Comes in Spurts' and 'New Pleasure.' The album combines manic William Burroughs-influenced poetry and raw-edged music for the best rock presentation of nihilism and existential angst ever. Hell's voice, fluctuating from groan to shriek, is more impassioned and expressive than a legion of Top 40 singers." --Trouser Press

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