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Renegade Connection - Politicians Protesters & Thieves LP

Renegade Connection - Politicians Protesters & Thieves LP

The Sound of Sinners (UK)

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LP version. Just like it says on the tin, Renegade Connection is a collaboration between Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave, Rema Rema) and Lee Curtis (Lee Curtis Connection). A must for fans of RSW, On-U Sound, Nightmares on Wax and heavy sounds of dub. Politicians, Protesters & Thieves is an album of reggae-influenced, dense, digital dub full of topical themes echoed through Asquith's signature voice -- a concise, acerbic singing style that sounds urgent and sharp. The A side contains the originals while the B side features dubs and versions. For their first release since 2015's "I'll Surrender" 7", the duo sharpened their sound to a gleaming knife's edge: not much more than Asquith's quietly intense croon (often barely more than a whisper), driving reggae bass and piercing dub echoes. After getting his start in post-punk pioneers Rema-Rema, whose first EP marked the debut of the iconic 4AD label, Gary Asquith started Renegade Soundwave in 1986. Lee Curtis was a member of '90s duo Flavornaughts, Brazilian working with Amon Tobin and others in the Ninja Tune axis.

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