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Rata Negra - Una Vida Vulgar LP

Rata Negra - Una Vida Vulgar LP

La Vida Es Un Mus (UK)

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"Rata Negra return with Una Vida Vulgar their third and best album. A truly pop infused punk record with an incredible production. The album harks back to their previous work in Juanita Y Los Feos but with more pop elements and a bigger and better production. Each of the ten tracks are so good, that they could be released as a single. The rhythm section is locked in and the guitars buzz but it's the vocals that take this to pop heaven. The first side of the album starts with "Venid A Ver" and doesn't let up until the Phil Spector-esque 'Cuando Me Muera'. Flip over and it's straight back to the upbeat gems, which just keep coming until the final track 'Romance De Lobos' which ends the album in a more reflective album. Una Vida Vulgar is pure perfection and for fans of X, Blondie and Rik Agnew." --Sean Forbes

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