R.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket of Whiskey LP

R.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket of Whiskey LP

Fat Possum Records
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There isn’t a man in town with good sense who’d try to argue with Robert Palmer about chaos. “Chaos, chance, charm and luck are a primary Blues paradigm, of course, and a late-twentieth-century scientific paradigm as well. The Chaos Theory of post-relativity psychics tells us of Strange Attractors – inexplicable higher order functions that provide a kind of boundary or shape or structural dynamic for chaotic systems – and this fits R.L. as well. The essential character of R.L.’s is chaos-on-wheels; spreading sonic waves of sex and mayhem around our planet.”

R.L.’s a Strange Attractor. he’s a .999 fine. 24 karat. 180 proof. 100% pure-Higher-Order function. He’s what’s needed; and it’s about time. We need a man we can count on. count on to yell fire in a crowded theater, wave a pistol in a crowded juke.”He’s the Blues walking like a man: the living personification of a guitar moan and a back door slam.” R.L. doesn’t have time for any nonsense; his plate is full. So. close your eyes. put your arms in front of your face (if you still care) and prepare to be Burnsided into stark oblivion by A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey.”

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