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Predator - Spiral Unfolds LP

Predator - Spiral Unfolds LP

Total Punk

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Total Punk is keeping things in Atlanta for a little longer. Following up GG KING's- Remain Intact with the new album from PREDATOR- 'Spiral Unfolds.' The two bands share members including Ryan Bell who masterfully recorded both albums. Atlanta has the best punk scenes going and Predator are its longest running practitioners. Despite the seven years since Predator's last full length 'Complete Earth' and vocalist Brannon Greene splitting time between Predator and his other projects Hospice and Nag (both of which just dropped new albums) 'Spiral Unfolds' shows the band at its strongest. The lead work is minimal but razor sharp and extremely effective. Brannon talk/sings the vocals but the hooks are so large that the understated approach lends them more assurance. PREDATOR are kings of efficiency. Stating as much with what is there as what isn't. Dark, biting, and 100% TOTAL PUNK.

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