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Pleasant Mob - Pleasant Mob LP

Pleasant Mob - Pleasant Mob LP

Inscrutable Records

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"What a genuine relief it is to know that for every monstrous blow the world delivers, musicians are able to create things of beauty in stark contrast to an oversaturation of ugliness. To be sensitive and soft during undeniably hard times is a brave act, and the music of Pleasant Mob is as defiant as it is endearing.

At a glance Pleasant Mob evokes a carefree spirit, but below the surface, their uncluttered compositions are a comforting utopia. Their judicious use of tone, color, and melody strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy—take that Piet Mondrian. Their clarity and resolved tension has smoothed down the sharp edges of rock and roll into a joyous flower powered jangle.

In 2022, Chicago’s Raidy Hodges of Spread Joy adopted a new neo-psychedelic musical identity and released a two song cassingle via Feel It Records. Resetting once again, Hodges has a whole new supporting ensemble: Tessa Sebastian - Bass, Timothy Makowski - Guitar, Daniel Lynch - Keyboards, Hana Chew - Drums and all sharing vocal duties. Hodges and Chew’s vocal chemistry is undeniable, adopting indie pop art school charm and adding in ‘60s lite-psych romance.

'Are you scared to be happy?' was a mantra of sorts to the 1980s C86 scene. I honestly have no idea if anyone is truly happy in 2024, but I welcome Pleasant Mob’s ability to make me believe the answer could be yes.

RIYL: postcard-length vignettes, breezy tempos and pillow-soft harmonies flanked by 24 karat golden hooks."—Tracy Wilson (Courtesy Desk)

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