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Pet Fox - A Face in Your Life LP

Pet Fox - A Face in Your Life LP

Exploding In Sound Records

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Even in its moodiest, most downbeat moments there’s a spark of energy that bursts out of A Face In Your Life, the new album from Pet Fox. Where past efforts played around with after-the-fact layering of instrumentation, the band’s third full-length comes alive in the moment. Tracked live in one room, without the use of a metronome, the ten songs that unravel across the album capture Theo Hartlett (Guitar/Vocals), Morgan Luzzi (Bass), and Jesse Weiss (Drums) in their rawest, most immediate form.

Touching upon notions of anxiety and self-doubt, A Face In Your Life travails the depths of these themes while also offering little snippets of hope and guidance along the way. Indeed, the album’s sprawling opening track ‘Settle Even’ is billed as a self-help pamphlet, a reminder to the band themselves and those listening that there will always be people in the world looking out for us, even when that feels like an impossible feat.

An inspired collection of riffs that twists and turns into varying shapes throughout, Pet Fox never outstay their welcome in the half-an-hour or of A Face In Your Life but do more than enough to make the kind of impression that leaves you wanting to journey back through the shadows, to unpick the little knots of the ideas they’re exploring here. It was brought to life by just three people in one room but it lends itself to something way beyond that; the never-ending search for coping mechanisms in the messiest of worlds.

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