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Pedro Ricardo - Soprem Bons Ventos LP

Pedro Ricardo - Soprem Bons Ventos LP

Soundway (UK)

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Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Pedro Ricardo releases his debut album, Soprem Bons Ventos, on Soundway Records. “The album translates to ‘Good Winds Blow’, shares Ricardo. “This idea of good winds blowing is intertwined with the feeling of missing something, and sadness. On a positive note, there is still an overarching sense that happiness also lies ahead. Soprem Bons Ventos represents an ode to the past, to those who came before me, connecting with my present and imagining the future.” Stylistically, Ricardo became entranced with jazz from an early age, while also becoming enamoured with folk music – rooted in his Portugal childhood, now encompassing sounds from Cape Verde, Brazil, and Spain along the way. He intertwines these instrumental influences with field recordings, and electronics, on Soprem Bons Ventos.

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