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Orgōne - Chimera LP

Orgōne - Chimera LP

3 Palm Records

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Vinyl Edition

Orgōne is a pillar of West Coast soul music, maintaining an unmissable touring presence for more than a decade. The group’s arresting intensity, impeccable playing style, and undeniable, irresistible chemistry have earned them the reputation as one of the tightest bands of the modern era. Fresh off of doubling as the studio band for discodelic sensation Say She She and circling the globe as the live band for their wildly successful world tour, Orgōne is back in California and coming in hot with Chimera, a fire-breathing spectacle of psychedelic Afro-soul. Produced by Sergio Rios (Neal Francis, Say She She), Chimera is an electrifying, dream-like odyssey, tripping through the hazy swamps of New Orleans, weaving textures of entrancing voodoo soul, thrumming Afro-funk, and stoney psych-rock.

In Chimera, the heavy-hitting new LP from Orgōne, out February 9th, 2024 on 3 Palm Records, the Los Angeles-based outfit carves tough, gritty, infectious grooves into heady dance rhythms. Taking its name from a mythical beast with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent, Chimera conjures a state that is at once trance-like and heart-poundingly exciting. The album offers a spellbinding mix of cathartic instrumentals, dub voyages, and soulful vocal performances by Jamie Allensworth, Terin Ector, and Congolese musical alchemist Mermans “Mofaya” Mosengo.

Known for their gripping instrumentals and incendiary live show, the band is firing on all cylinders and the earned confidence of this time-tested, cult-favorite crew is on display throughout Chimera. Describing the process of producing and engineering this psych-funk showcase, guitarist and Orgōne co-founder Sergio Rios says, “The album really took form organically. It’s raw and dark with a hopeful thread throughout that’s highlighted by the incredible soul singers we work with. There's a looseness to most of the cuts, giving the album the feeling of a shadowy dream.” With Chimera, the band has tapped into a deeper version of themselves. The sounds are fresh yet classic, the grooves are ferocious and infectious, and the vocal performances are captivating.

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