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One Eleven Heavy - Desire Path LP

One Eleven Heavy - Desire Path LP

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

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One Eleven Heavy exists among a batch of exploratory contemporary bands—Garcia Peoples, Mountain Movers, Howlin Rain, Wet Tuna—examining the past in the ever-present now. On Desire Path, their second record in a calendar year, One Eleven Heavy's tendency toward musical exploration never obfuscates the potency of their ace in the hole: songs. The ten tracks add up to an album that radiates equilibrium and balance. You’ll find country rockers, Dead-inspired Americana, New Orleans boogie, and classic Stones-y riffs all stitched up with an 'old weird America' style and a 'war is over, if you want it' sense of morality. Desire Path is a wry, occasionally biting, but always joyful celebration of human endurance and the ability to overcome.

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