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Nicholas Carras - Missile to the Moon LP

Nicholas Carras - Missile to the Moon LP

Modern Harmonic

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Limited red colored vinyl LP pressing. Missile to the Moon is a fairly entertaining movie considering it was filmed in seven days. It's totally illogical, has mostly substandard acting, features a dilapidated giant arachnid and cardboard sets that look like they were painted during a liquid lunch break. Director Richard Cunha undeniably used more sense in hiring Nicholas Carras to score his film than he did in deciding to make the picture in the first place. Carras manages to add a sense of scope to the minimal production values in Missile to the Moon; his exciting score somehow making us forget that 75% of everything in the movie is either a very slow-moving monster or something made of cardboard. There's nothing subtle about this musical concoction, nor should there be given the outlandish screenplay.

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