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Nass El Ghiwane - Nass El Ghiwane LP

Nass El Ghiwane - Nass El Ghiwane LP

Sudiphone (France)

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Formed in 1971, Nass El Ghiwane's five members first performed together as actors under the Moroccan playwright and director Tayeb Seddiki. Following their debut performance as a band in Rabat at Seddiki's Mohammed V Theatre, their songs became the 1970s anthems of Moroccan youth -- nationalist, rebellious, experimental and bygone all, at once. Their music echoes medieval Moroccan oral traditions, traditional poetics and tales of Sufi mystics, and they were the first to introduce the banjo and colloquial Moroccan Arabic in their version of the Shaabi genre. For an outstanding biography of the band, the documentary film Transes by Ahmend El Maanouni will blow your mind and showcase the importance of this band for Moroccan and Algerian culture. This reissue of their second LP, fully re-mastered, featuring exact repro of the original cover from 1973 is one of the most in-demand LPs in their legendary discography. Edition of 500.

Tags: folk, rock, sudiphone

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