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Mythic Sunship - Upheaval LP

Mythic Sunship - Upheaval LP

El Paraiso Records (Denmark)

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LP version. On their third album, UpheavalMythic Sunship take their deepest dive yet. Their own brand of wobbly boogie doom reaches new dimension of pure Sabbath-like proportions. Yet there's also a new state of re-fined inner space. Mythic Sunship don't only know how to let it rip and let loose -- they are also masters of knowing when to turn down and zone out. The restless, manic beat of Frederik Denning rides on a dense blanket of fuzz from Rasmus Cleve's bass. This rhythm section flows the ground for epic stoner sagas. Leaving ample space for the fuzzy, shimmering, and downright crushing dual guitar excursions of Emil Thorenfeldt and Kasper StougaardUpheaval is the apex of the band's journey so far. Mythic Sunship sounds mature and unified like never before on this set, but also maintaining their raw searching edge. It's a culmination and refinement of their idea: the ethos of free jazz in a doom setting.

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