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Motrik - Moon: The Cosmic Electrics of Motrik 2LP

Motrik - Moon: The Cosmic Electrics of Motrik 2LP

Jealous Butcher Records

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MØØN ? The Cosmic Electrics of MØTRIK is the latest long-playing sound exploration from the twenty-first century’s premiere purveyors of propulsive polyphonic riffatronic sonics! Soar through inner space cloistered in the cozy cacophony confined and cosigned by the quarantined quartet of Cord (?), Dave (¤), Erik (?) and Lee (?).

Respectively, these four brave men operate angular and adventurous guitars, program burbling bygone quasar synths, deliver a payload of crisp indefatigable escape velocity percussion, deposit abundant amounts of marine trench bass and broadcast buoyant magical mystery vocal guidance.

MØØN: Journey to our closest satellite stress-free! Let Møtrik’s musical cosmonauts be your designated pilots from craters of eternal darkness to peaks of eternal light. With a wink and a promise, these aces will float you safely back to your home base under a drogue parachute – no matter how eccentric your orbit!

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