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Mikey Young - Your Move Series #1 LP

Mikey Young - Your Move Series #1 LP

Moniker Records

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"We love MIKEY YOUNG. We love his bands (TOTAL CONTROL, EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, OOGA BOOGAS, etc.). We love his production. We love his sense of humor. We love his fashion choices… you probably get the idea. We had the idea for a synth-driven solo series in May of 2016. Mikey had already done so much for us—mixing, mastering, being an all-around homie, and we knew we wanted Mikey to be a part of the series. Actually we wanted Mikey to kick it off. The series became Your Move, the Synthtastic Solo Series For Humans 8+ and Mikey’s debut became the first volume. Here are the rules—the music must be synth-driven, but is not limited to synths, and the artwork is chess-inspired. Why chess? Well, we wanted to have an interactive portion of the series—each artist (white pieces) selects a move and we, the label, (black pieces) respond. With each volume, a new move is made. Chess as a conceptual centerpiece was pragmatic—chess matches take a long time to finish, so this ensures longevity. Also, chess rules! As anyone who knows him can attest, Mikey’s incredibly modest. When we first got the files from him, he wrote “see if you like any of this stuff. I can’t tell if it’s good, boring, weird, predictable, lazy…” It was perfect - everything we wanted it to be and more. The five files he sent us became Your Move Vol. 1. On these songs, Mikey combines his compositional prowess with precision and enthusiasm. They are joyous, exciting, and hopeful, testaments to the human capacity to create something indestructibly beautiful.

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