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Michael Hurley - Bad Mr. Mike LP

Michael Hurley - Bad Mr. Mike LP

Mississippi Records

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"A new LP by the great Michael Hurley! Michael is one of the world finest and most prolific songwriters - and he's still cranking out hits. The well is far from dry. This LP features home recordings with Michael on guitar, banjo and organ. Sublime and sometimes a little strange - a new classic for the ages. Songs include the 'Kentucky 3' - a beautiful instrumental medley of songs evocative of Kentucky, Charona - a great banjo ballad, 'Tender Is The Guitar' - a mournful organ driven ballad, 'Boone and Jocko' - a longstanding favorite epic from Michael's live sets on record at last, 'Cuckoo Rock' and 'Lo Bonney' - two unique rewordings of traditional ballads, 'Dragging the Indian' - a stark instrumental, and much more. Don't sleep on this work of genius. Cover art by Michael himself."

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