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Loose Behaviour - 4 Songs in North Carolina 7"

Loose Behaviour - 4 Songs in North Carolina 7"

Rad Girlfriend Records

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"4 Songs in North Carolina" is an immediate follow up to Loose Behaviour's stellar, out of nowhere LP "Sad Action". Showcasing one song from each member of the band, this EP really highlights each members talent and songwriting contribution to the band. The record was recorded in only 5 hours in Durham, North Carolina on the bands first tour in February of 2020. These songs are dripping with feeling and intent. They are bleak and hopeful, melancholy yet not sarcastic. A clear evolution is happening within a group that has only been around less than a year. If this record is what they can come up with in 5 hours, we can only imagine what they would be able to do with a full week in the studio. Each song is different but clearly exist only together. It's a fantastic listen for anyone who enjoyed their first LP. The members of the band are all seasoned punk rock veterans including members of bands like The Slow Death, The Raging Nathans, The Arteries and a man who really needs no introduction, Mikey Erg.

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