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Little Brother - The Listening 2LP

Little Brother - The Listening 2LP

ABB Records

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Somewhere between the jazzy, feel-good grooves of A Tribe Called Quest and the yin-yang chemistry of Outkast lies Little Brother. The Durham, NC trio make music that brilliantly splits the line between art and commercialism, all while maintaining their fun-loving hip-hop purist stance. - The group's members; MC's Phonte and Big Pooh, along with DJ/producer 9th Wonder met in 1998 while attending North Carolina Central University. After noticing that they shared some of the same musical tastes (The Roots, Led Zeppelin, Wes Montgomery), the fellas formed an instant friendship and vowed to help each other develop their careers. - The trio served as a nucleus for Durham's hip-hop community, and played enormous roles in forming groups such as The Organization (1998-2000), and the Justus League, a 12-member crew of first-rate producers and MC's of which Little Brother is still a part of.

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